Limbrick and Gilbert (LG) Legacy for Kids began in 2009 with a desire to foster and adopt children, establishing a safe and nurturing environment for them to learn, grow and develop.

Building on a foundation of Christian beliefs, a family lineage of caregivers as role models and a strong sense of community, our purpose is to lead the evolution of childcare; motivating and empowering others with the same desires and grooming the next generation of caregivers who serve with compassion and excellence.

We provide nurturing and loving therapeutic treatment homes where children with trauma and critical needs can realize and manifest their highest potential. This is backed by our relentless mission to provide every child with trauma-informed care and a high-impact educational experience.

Our care for the children and caregivers we serve is anchored in our vision to redesign and redefine quality care for youth. More than a decade later, that vision has forged the foundation for the existing homes and programs that we have today, which include: Turning Point Children Social Services, The Gold Star Academy and Rob & Simon’s Hawthorne House. 

Over the last ten years, LG Legacy for Kids has served hundreds of children with a focus on their mental health and physical well-being. As an accredited Group Residential Program, LG Legacy for Kids continues to meet new marks of excellence and quality by redefining the full continuum of care for the children we serve.

At LG Legacy for Kids, we believe changing one life, changes everything.